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In 2013 I sold everything I owned and bought a one-way ticket to El Salvador. I really had no idea what I was doing, but it just felt “right”. Almost 2 years into my journey, I am realizing that I made the right choice, and I have no plans on stopping.

People often ask if I am on a quest to “find myself”, and I suppose in some way that could be true. Honestly, it’s not that esoteric. I am more on a mission to be true to myself. That means that I simply listen to my heart and brain and act on it without letting the background noise of friends, society, media, obligations, expectations, cultural norms, etc… influence how I lived my life.

It’s been nearly 2 years since I last saw my friends or family back in the US. In that time I have traveled to almost 30 countries from Latin America to Asia to Europe and back to North America. Sometimes I stayed in a country for just a few days, and other times I stayed for more than a year. I’ve done backpacking and flashpacking. I’ve been a local, a tourist, an expat, and none of the above, but always experimenting to find what works best for me.

Throughout my life I have fought with anxiety and it wasn’t until I hit my mid-20’s that I really started taking initiative to address the problem. On one hand I could take pharmaceutical drugs to calm me down and slow my overactive brain… or I could think about what would make me happy and then do it. I opted for the later.

What made me happy was solitude and independent exploration. I enjoy being alone. I enjoy exploring unfamiliar places. I enjoy freedom and anonymity. I enjoy not necessarily knowing what happens next. I enjoy traveling.

And that is how I am trying to live my life. My goal with this blog is to share my experience with you and maybe show you that it really is possible to make huge life changes despite what everyone around might think about your sanity.

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Where I've Been Travel Stats

Number of Continents: 3

Number of Countries: 27

Days on the Road: 605

Distance Travelled: 66,122km

Number of Flights: 38

Number of Trains: 17

Number of Buses: 56

Number of Boats: 27

Passport Stamps: 79

Country of the MonthCosta Rica

Costa Rica is one of my all-time favorite countries.

I have visited Costa Rica twice in the last 3 years. My first trip down to this beautiful green country was in October of 2012. I went alone for two weeks as a trial-run for my anticipated nomadic life. The trip went so well that I gave notice at my job in Florida the day after I returned to work.

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