Before Packing

This is everything I brought with me to Costa Rica before being packed.

I am headed to Costa Rica today for two glorious weeks of adventure, but last night I had the rather stressful task of packing. Because I want this trip to serve as a trial run for a much longer backpacking trip, I decided I would pack much the same as I plan to next year when I transition to a travel based life. This basically means I need everything to fit in a reasonably sized backpack.

The task was actually easier than I thought it would be. With my focus on minimalism, I limited my luggage to the bare essentials.

2 pairs of gym shorts
1 pair of khaki shorts
1 pair of hiking pants
4 shirts
5 pairs of socks and anti-chafing underwear
1 wind breaker / rain jacket
1 small towel

Backpacking Costa Rica- after picture

And after…

A couple small books
Hygiene items
Electronic device charges and cables
A map
2 bars of fancy designer soap (for use as hospitality gifts)

I’m on the flight from Houston to San Jose now, and there is something intensely gratifying about the concept of living out of a single backpack for the next couple weeks. When it comes right down to it, I do not need– or even want– 90% of the possessions I currently own.

Possessions are weights, anchors that tie you down. Possessions must be managed, maintained, replaced, upgraded, stored, cleaned, financed… Yes, this feels so right. I’m not even to Costa Rica and I am already optimistic about this new nomadic lifestyle.

More to come this evening when I will share my initial impression of Day 1 backpacking Costa Rica.

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