Well shit, I just realized that my previous update didn’t actually update you guys on anything that has actually happened in my life, so let me try this one more time.

I am currently living in Budapest, Hungary. I have been here for 3 weeks, and I will be moving to Italy in 10 days. Prior to the previous update, the last time I contributed to this blog was back in April. At that time I was still living in Bangkok. I left Thailand Sept 12th for Finland, where I spent 2 weeks staying with my amazingly wonderful exchange sister from 12 years ago. The move to Europe was definitely a good one. In Bangkok I was starting to feel restless. I was ready to move on…

Parliament Building Lit At Night

While the change has “woken” me up, I am left with a new set of problems. Obviously, Europe is quite a bit more expensive than Asia. Also, by travelling to places for only a month, I can’t get the same rental rates as when I was negotiating a 12 month contract. With my location changing so quickly, my motivation has shifted from working to exploring. Finding the balance between these realities is my mission over the next few months until I settle down in Guatemala January 2015.

In Guatemala, I will launch some sort of local enterprise and see how it works. If I get traction, I will stay as long as I want to continue. If things aren’t working, then I will pack up and move on. Thank you all for reaching out via email to make sure I was okay during the last few months of radio silence. I promise you everything is fine. I was just having a… mood.

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