I’m calling this post Part 1 even though I haven’t a clue what Part 2 will consist of, however, it’s Facebook drama, so a Part 2 is just inevitable. Earlier this week I was thinking about a longtime friend of mine, and I realized I had not seen any of his Facebook posts on my newsfeed in a while. I did a quick Facebook search, pulled up his profile, and noticed that we were no longer friends. Huh, that’s odd, what could have happened?

So I sent him a Facebook message, “hey, I just realized we are no longer friends on the Faceplace, what’s up?” The message was ignored for a day. So I Whatsapp’ed him the same message. He responded back that he was tired and had some long flights. I asked a third time, why he was no longer my friend on Facebook and if he was mad at me for something… and then I finally got a response.

Whatsapp Conversation

All I could think is, what the ghetto is going on? But I responded thusly.

Whatsapp Conversation

It’s a day later and still no response. I guess I lost a friend… but I still can’t quite figure out how it happened. Most of my posts are just to keep my readers updated on where I’m at, what I’ve seen, what I’m eating, etc. I try not to get too political, and I really try not to get nasty. So I’m taking this moment to reflect on the whole situation.

This is a friend that I’ve known for 8 years. Granted, we no longer live in close proximity but we have regularly kept up via Facebook posts and comments and such. Now, I feel like I’ve lost a buddy. This isn’t the first of these incidents that have happened since I left behind my old life a couple months ago. Several of my close friends from Sarasota have begun completely ignoring me or have no interest in keeping up communication. Some are very negative and dismissive when I inbox them. Some leave snarky or passive aggressive comments on my photos and check-in’s. For some, my new lifestyle and perspective have become something they love to hate.

Why is that some people are so uncomfortable with the fact that I have thrown away my pursuit of the “American Dream” aka happiness through the accumulation and consumption of material objects in exchange for happiness just for living in the moment and being possessionless/homeless? Why can’t all my friends just be happy that I’m finally happy? I have some ideas about what is happening here, but really I’m not certain about what is going on.

Could it be that they miss me so much they are angry at me for leaving—like I have abandoned them? Or perhaps they just don’t understand what it is that I’m doing with this whole journey? Maybe they really feel that by embracing a life of simplicity and freedom I am somehow sending the message that I condemn anyone who doesn’t think and live like I do?

Sometimes I think a lot people really have no idea what makes them happy, and so when they see others that have less money than they do, but are happier, it upsets/confuses them… after all in America we are taught that we buy our happiness… so more money is more happy… Or so one would think if they watched television in the states their whole life. Anyhow, I’m open to suggestions from you guys, both those that have chosen to pursue happiness in a similar manner as I have, and those who find happiness in other ways. I want to know what you think is happening here.

PS if you want to know what my facebook posts look like so you can gain a better perspective on the situation, visit my FB at www.facebook.com/hiatus4life.

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