During the last two years of solo travel I have tried any number of accommodation methods. I first started with CouchSurfing in Costa Rica and Puerto Rico. Then in El Salvador I met a gay couple off Grindr (a gay social app) that spoke perfect English and worked in the same IT field as I did. At the time my American friend, James, was traveling with me for the week, so the four of us spent a lot of time together. Chacho and Andres were amazing guides to El Salvador and gave us great local travel tips.

Playa El Tunco with my Salvadoian hosts.

Playa El Tunco with my Salvadoian hosts.

They personally brought James and me to the Rosario Cathedral in downtown San Salvador, as this area is a bit sketchier than the countryside and villages. After James left El Salvador I remained another week and stayed in the guy’s guest bedroom. My next stop after leaving their place in San Salvador was to head up to Antigua, Guatemala. At this point I didn’t even need to seek out local friends as the guys connected me via facebook with one of their friends in Guatemala City who personally met me at the bus stop and took me Antigua… also treated me to an amazing lunch and conversation.

Anyhow, I’m drifting… what does that have to do with now? Well, now I am going to try something a bit different. I am just broadcasting via my blog that if anyone in Italy wants to host a solo American traveler (me), anytime between Nov 2nd and Nov 24th, please shoot me an email at Jason AT hiatus4life.com.

I know some of you are thinking, “Wow, this guy is crazy. Who would just randomly stay with some strangers in a foreign country while traveling alone? Who would just go to a foreign country without any accommodation plans? Isn’t he scared someone might kill him?”

I honestly am not scared at all. Everyone who has ever hosted me either through AirBnb, CouchSurfing or just friends I have met along the way… Everyone has always been genuinely hospitable and offered me a uniquely local travel experience that I wouldn’t trade for anything. Actually, when I was 16 I did an exchange program in Finland where I traveled alone to live with a bunch of strangers a continent away. They were some of the most amazing people I have ever met, and I just went back to Finland last month to stay with my exchange-sister for another 2 weeks.

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