First, let me apologize. It has been way too long since my post, and this post might be a little different compared to my previous posts. I guess you could say I got burnt out writing information/travel guide style posts. I’m talking about those posts that explain all the details about how to get somewhere, where to stay, what to do, how much it costs, etc.…

Instead, I’ve decided to just do what I want, not what other travel bloggers are doing. If you want to know which bus to catch from Bangkok to Koh Kret, you are going to have to look somewhere else from now on. I’m going back to my roots.

Hiatus4Life Jason

When I first started this blog it was mainly because my mom didn’t have access to facebook, and I wanted a way to share my photos and travels with her the same way I am able to with my FB friends. Those posts were fun to write, and they were easy on my mind. It didn’t feel like a chore, and I didn’t need to pull out my notebook and pick through all the details of the trip.

Somehow the focus of Hiatus4Life shifted over the year to being more of a how-to guide. I suppose this was the byproduct of reading other travel blogs and just letting myself think that’s what travel blogs should be. But alas, that just isn’t fun for me. So for now, I’m just going to write whatever I want to write… not what I think is expected of me to write in a travel blog.

In fact this isn’t even a travel blog to me anymore. It is MY blog, and I happen to be traveling at present.

That being said, I have plans to start writing more… and of course… a totally new design is in the works!

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