The excitement is building! In exactly 2 weeks at this time, I will be eating out somewhere in San Jose enjoying my first night outside the US in years. This will also be the first day of a 2-week jaunt around Costa Rica testing out different towns and regions as potential starting points for my upcoming nomadic lifestyle change. My 1-year plan involves relocating to Central America, probably Costa Rica, where I will experiment with the intricacies of becoming location-independent and, of course, do some hardcore Spanish language immersion. I plan on staying in the same area for about a month or two, but honestly I will just go with the flow see what happens.

As for my upcoming trip, I have planned a break-neck pace looping around the northern half of the country. My first stop puts me in San Jose, the capital and the largest city in the country with a third of Costa Rica’s population located in the metropolitan area. After a quick one-night stay in a hostel downtown, I have two puddle-jumper flights until I land at La Fortuna Airport at the base of the Arenal Volcano.

I have a couple days to explore the area before I’m on a water taxi to Monteverde, home of Costa Rica’s beautiful cloud forests. A few more days exploring and hiking, then I’m off to Puntarenas on the Pacific Coast. I’ll be staying on the peninsula, surrounded by the Gulf of Nioya, with a couple of European artists who relocated to Costa Rica several years ago. On the weekends they open up two of their guest bedrooms to travelers, and I was lucky enough to have snagged one of those spots. Having spent some time living as an exchange student in Europe (10 years ago today, actually) I am definitely looking forward to the experience of staying with two bohemian euro-transplants for a long weekend in Central America.

My last stop is a two night stay in San Jose before flying out. I plan on visiting some of the museums and picking up last minute souvenirs before heading back home.  If all goes well, perhaps I will be writing my posts from Costa Rica in a year’s time. Wish me safe travels, and keep checking back for updates! Just 14 more days… Just 14 more days… Just 14 more days…

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