So it’s 2013 and I’m 13 weeks from leaving behind my static life of office work for a nomadic existence. I could not be more excited or exhausted. The combination of working crazy hours to save up money, anticipation of my impending move, trying to find my replacement at work, squeezing in last minute trips with friends, and selling my belongings is really starting to wear on me. Nevertheless, I am happier than ever knowing that I will be boarding a plane in 3 months for San Salvador, and I will start living my life exactly how I want to.


All 6 of my friends seem excited for my upcoming journey and support me 100%. A couple of them might even join me for a week here and there along the way. However, trying to put in the appropriate amount of face time with everyone before I leave is never an easy task. That being said, I was fortunate enough to spend a long weekend celebrating the New Year with a group of my close Sarasota friends, which is probably going to be the last group trip we will have in some time.

New Year's Celebration in Savannah, GA with friends.

New Year’s Celebration in Savannah, GA with friends.


Most of my family is completely on-board with my decision. My parents are both excited, but I get the feeling my sisters and grandparents are worried, and rightfully so to some extent. At Christmas my grandma expressed her lament and said her biggest fear was that I’d find a job down in South America and wouldn’t come back- I guess that is a possibility. But, the world is a small place. As an American, I can get to just about any country with few days’ notice and a quick flight.


I gave my notice two months ago, and I’m staying through the end of March. In that time, I need to recruit and interview applicants, hire someone, train them, and do a series of hardware and software upgrades. I took a risk giving such advance notice of my departure, but in my particular situation I think it was the appropriate course of action. My bosses have thanked me on numerous occasions for telling them in advance and working through the transition. In fact, they gave me a bonus at Christmas and a raise for 2013.


I couldn’t be more excited. I am right on target with my savings—actually I am doing better than I projected. I expect to leave with approximately $7,000 and my current passive income is approximately $200/month. With an anticipated budget of $1100/month we get:

$200(m) + $7,000 = $1100(m)

m=7.8 months

So, I can last about 8 months if I stay on budget and do absolutely nothing in terms of work. Obviously, I’m not going to do absolutely nothing… I’m going to be working on increasing my passive income and earning remote income. I’m fairly confident that I can achieve a positive cash flow within 4 months of going on the road, and after that I will be truly free to travel as long as I want. I look forward to sharing my adventures and photos with everyone, and perhaps I can inspire someone else to take a risk and live their life however it is they want to.

 Ringing in the New Year with friends.

Ringing in the New Year with friends.

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