Costa Rica - Manuel Antonio National Park Beach

View from Manuel Antonio National Park in Costa Rica. Taken 2 weeks ago on a trial backpacking trip.

If you remember, a few weeks ago I laid out my game plan for leaving my job, selling my possessions, and backpacking fulltime. Today, I completed steps 2 and 3. Last week, step 6.

Step 2: Give adequate notice to employers– done. In my case, I judged adequate notice as 5 months. I currently do web design and IT support for a local media business in FL. I’m the most senior employee, and I knew the transition would take planning long in advance to go smoothly. There was perhaps a 10% fear that I would be fired on the spot, as I’ve heard horror stories from friends at other companies. Despite, the risk, I wanted to do “the right thing,” so this morning I met with my boss and informed him that my previous 2 week trip to Costa Rica had been a trial run for a much longer backpacking trip.

I let him know that I would be more than willing to train our current employees in what I do, and to assist in finding and training my replacement. I told him that I already had a one-way plane ticket to San Salvador for April 10th, and that I would I would continue to assist remotely as much as was needed—a perfect way to make money on the road.

Inside of church in town center of Arenal, Costa Rica

Inside of church in town center of Arenal, Costa Rica

As I suspected, everything went totally fine. I was not fired, and he actually thanked for me letting him know 5 months to the day in advance.

I told my mom on Tuesday when I went home to vote, and I posted on facebook—promptly completing step 3. Considering, I just returned from 2 weeks backpacking in Costa Rica, I apparently have step 6 completed as well. From here on out, all I have to do is save money like crazy. I am pretty confident I can put $800 a month into my savings account, so after 5 months I should have at least $4000. I’m also selling my car, which should net me a minimum of $2500. Add in at least another $1000 or so for some of other random shit I’m selling and I should have myself set for at least 6 months—assuming I make absolutely no money the entire time I’m gone. However, given the motivation of staying abroad indefinitely, I think I will figure something out pretty fast.

I haven’t been this excited since I left Florida for a student exchange program with a Finnish family 11 years ago, but this is even better because I don’t see why I would need to come back. I’m relatively confident I could make $1000 a month with a combination of remote online work, donations from readers like you, couch surfing, and bartering English lessons for room and board.

With that said, I continue to count down the seconds.

22 weeks, 4 days, 20 hours, 25 minutes, 34 seconds…

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