Wallet Stolen in NYC

After having my wallet misappropriated en route to NYC, Christina and I play it cheap by attending an Amish Concert in Central Park.

Imagine waking up the morning after landing in NYC. You are crashing on the couch of your best friend who picked you up from LaGuardia the night before, and you are starving. You get up, get showered and dressed, feel your hunger growing… it’s time for breakfast in the city!
Phone- check, camera-check, fanny-pack-check, wallet… wallet…… wallllletttttt?????? OMFG

Yeah, Approximately 12 hours and 1200 miles since I last saw my wallet and here I am in New York without any ID, any money, credit cards, debit cards, groupons, gift cards… literally I had absolutely nothing to get me by for the next 4 days.

I can’t say I’ve ever felt more helpless. There was literally nothing I could do. At the time, I used a small local bank for checking and there were no branches in New York. I had no ID, so even if there were a branch or I could get someone to Western Union me some money; I wouldn’t even be able to withdraw it.After searching and re-searching my luggage, Christina’s car, and the apartment complex’s parking garage I came to the conclusion the wallet was either stolen/lost at the airport bar in Sarasota (after security) or on the flight itself.

Can I just say, THANK GOD for best friends! Had I been alone, this scenario would have been absolutely disastrous—primarily because I never planned for such an event. I realized that I had left myself vulnerable, placed all my eggs in the proverbial wallet. I lucked out because Christina was there to save the day, but I still couldn’t get a drink in the city,

Despite this rather major setback, I had an absolutely wonderful time in the city. In a sense I was thankful for the experience, because I learned a few valuable lessons about how to avoid getting your wallet stolen (Travel Tip Post: Coming Soon) while travelling and also preemptive contingency measures that will keep you going in the event you encounter a tragedy like mine.

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